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Counseling Services:

Individual Therapy

What to expect in therapy largely depends on you, as you are the expert in your own life. Your perspective is as unique as you are as an individual. We all fall prey to black and white thinking. I will help you challenge your core beliefs, process trauma & reframe your intrusive thoughts. What you can expect is, I will always lead with empathy, and I will always be honest. I'll encourage you to become more focused, balanced, develop boundaries and practice self-compassion. I hope to lead you towards more acceptance and less judgement, for yourself and others. My office is cozy and private.  It's a great place to explore your feelings, make connections and develop insight.

Virtual Therapy

You can expect to find everything in a virtual session that you would find in an individual therapy session (see above). Most people find virtual therapy to be as effective as in-person therapy. It really depends on your comfort and your schedule. So many more people are able to access therapy due to technology, which is ultimately a wonderful thing! Having the ability to see your therapist when you can fit into your schedule can be a great benefit for busy people.  When conducting virtual therapy your privacy is of the utmost importance to me and I use software to ensure what we say in session stays in session. 

Teen Therapy

Being a teenager in today's world comes with unique and often very complicated feelings, concerns and behavior patterns. Having worked with so many wonderful yet struggling teens, I will create a safe space for your child (or young adult) to express and explore their many intricate and emerging thoughts and emotions. Your child's future success and happiness is largely informed by their development during their teenage years. I will work with your teen to identify and implement positive thought and behavior patterns during this pivotal time of their overall development. Much of what we accomplish in therapy will last far beyond our time together and will set your teen on a course towards better mental health.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a safe space to give and get support from others who have experienced something similar or share a specific challenge. So often we feel alone in our struggles.  Every group I have facilitated has a moment when someone says, "I thought I was the only one." This always takes my breath away and reminds me of how powerful group can be. Contact me to learn about available and upcoming groups.

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